Roland Guenther's Best Homeopathy Description

Homeopathy – How It Works

Two basic principles define Homeopathy: The Law of the Similars and the Minimal Dose.

1.) In Homeopathy a remedy is chosen to heal a disease which has a capability to cause similar symptoms to those of the disease. Like cures like, Homeopaths say.
At first this sounds confusing, however it is not really hard to understand.
When in the days of the pioneers a prairie fire was threatening a village, settlers or native people protected themselves in starting a counter-fire. Both fires burned towards each other and when they met, they extinguished each other. This is what it means: like cures like. A homeopathic remedy does not fight the problem. As the remedy holds a very similar energy to the problem, it simply collapses the disease. Fighting the problem would hardly result in peace. Peace and healing however are unseperable.
Homeopathy did not invent the principle of "like cures like". It had always been known. Homeopathy merely uses it as a basic way of healing.
In the ancient Greek mythology, one of the heroes besieging Troy was wounded. No matter how many healers used their skills, the wound did not heal. Eventually a seer was asked and he declared: "Only the spear that caused the wound, can heal it!"
The Trojan warrior agreed to bring his spear and after a little bit of the spearhead was scraped into the wound, it finally healed. This is Homeopathy.

2.) The principle of the minimal dose means that only an extremely small dose of a remedy is administered. Mostly a remedy carries only the energetic essence, not the physical substance any more of the herb or mineral it was prepared of.
For the western intellect this used to be a problem in the past. Not so for spiritual people as they always understood that it is the spirit that heals, not the substance.
This is the reason of the overwhelming popularity of Homeopathy in countries with a strong religious background like India.
But things have changed. Today energy medicine is very popular. Many people use modalities like Reiki, Healing Touch, Acupuncture etc with great benefit. For 200 years Homeopaths have practiced energetic healing. As our collective consciousness had been raised, energetic phenomena are now part of our everyday life experience.

Homeopathy is a great help in a wide variety of problems. The Law of Similars provides peace, the principal of the Minimal Dose helps us raise our conscious awareness. Together they give us a solid support for our healing.