Treating Tourette's with Homeopathy

When our son Rhys developed Tourette Syndrome, displaying both vocal and motor tics; we really did not know what to do.

So we started to research the subject, and after reading a lot of material it became quite evident that conventional medicine had no answer.
If anything it could complicate matters even more, given the potential side effects associated with current drug treatments.

However we had also read that Homeopathic treatments could be used as an alternative to conventional medicine. After searching the internet for some time, we finally came across Access Natural Healing based in Vancouver BC. We booked an appointment to see Dr. Roland Guenther MD (Germany), PhD.

Within two weeks of treatment our son’s Tics were completely under control.

Clearly we were overjoyed with the results, and would recommend anyone in the same position to look at Homeopathy as a potential alternative; and in particular look up Dr. Roland Guenther MD (Germany), PhD.

Mr & Mrs Bond
Langley BC