Ming Dinh, Homeopathic Practitioner

I come to homeopathy from a family of medical doctors and dentists and have inherited their desire to help others as well as their curiosity to learn more about how to solve health related problems. I am also someone who is very practical - if something works well and solves a problem that I am trying to sort out, then it is a good thing, and something I will use enthusiastically. If it doesn't, well...

My first foray into the conventional health care field was as an occupational therapist. There, I got to see a lot of what are called "side effects" and drug interactions, especially in the field of psychiatry. Some of the side effects of the medications were so severe that patients would rather suffer with their illnesses than the side effects. The conventional thinking was that these side effects, some of them quite disfiguring, were something to be accepted as the cost of treatment. This made my chosen field of work fall into the category of "things that don't work quite so well", and I lost much of my enthusiasm for conventional medicine.
I came across homeopathy by accident, through a book I had picked up on long distance walking. The author carried a homeopathic first aid kit, because of its effectiveness in treating injuries that can happen out in the woods. My curiosity was piqued and I set out to see for myself if this radically alternative form of medicine was as effective as its practitioners and patients claimed it to be. I assembled my own first aid kit and began to learn to use it on myself and my loved ones. To everyone's surprise, it worked, and worked so well as to feel like magic, when the right remedy was chosen to deal with anything from digestive upsets to motor vehicle accidents.

I decided to test out homeopathy further by going to a homeopath for help with stubborn issues with past trauma and troublesome food allergies. Once again, I experienced something that felt like magic - my troubles started disappearing bit by bit, without my having to rely on drugs or their side effects. I had finally found what I wanted to do - learn to help people without doing them any harm, while helping them with things that no conventional method can solve.

I returned to school at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and discovered a whole new way of looking at disease and at emotional and psychological problems. I feel that homeopathy has taught me a way of looking at the world and at people that is at once compassionate and objective, which allows me to delve deeply into their being and really be in touch with that inner core of them, the thing that needs to be healed. From this, other healings in their life follow and they can go on to experience their own "little bit of magic".